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Hip-Hop Records With a Side of Blue Cheese: An Absurdly Detailed Investigation

There’s a huge unspoken trend of referencing the most divisive of cheeses.

I fucking hate blue cheese. For as strong of a following as the crumbly dairy grossness has built up over the years, I've always found it to taste like foot-dirt and no amount of dressing it’s soaked in or burger it’s surrounded by will change that fact for me. My aversion to blue cheese is so solidified, it’s become a universal truth I cling to in moments of existential uncertainty.

There have, however, been some brilliant uses of its namesake to describe a couple other things I love—weed and money. Not only is there a strain of marijuana called Blue Cheese—a reference to, you guessed it, it’s funky smell—“blue cheese” has also become the money euphemism of choice for hip-hop due to the new $100 bills and their blue anti-counterfeit strip. The Migos-assisted single “Blue Cheese” from 2 Chainz's Pretty Girls Like Trap Music is just the latest example of an overlooked lyrical trend that extends all the way back to hip-hop’s beginnings.

Don’t believe me? An inquiry on Genius revealed over 2,500 uses of the term “blue cheese” in hip-hop records, and whether all these rappers are talking about the food, the weed or the money, that’s enough references to put “blue cheese” in league with “bread,” “ice” and “lettuce” on the Ambiguous Food Euphemisms in Rap Songs chart. 

While it would take me eons to sit here and break down every occurrence of a blue cheese reference, my research has left me qualified to break down the 10 best references, which I will do now (in no particular order) for your gross cheese-loving enjoyment.

Sean Price — “BBQ Sauce” ft. Pharoahe Monch

Lyric: “I ain't believing in y'all / Make your mom suck my dick with blue cheese on my balls”

There’s no metaphor here, Sean Price is literally explaining his plans to make the woman that brought you into this world fellate him with blue cheese on his testicles. I don’t know why anyone would ever want to do that, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the logistics of keeping that crumbly blue cheese from falling everywhere immediately. It’s not a super fun visual.

2 Chainz — “Blue Cheese” ft. Migos

Lyric: “Blue cheese, no ranch, all hunnids / 10 racks on me that's mall money”

Though the song is called “Blue Cheese” and the term appears heavily in the hook (“Blue cheese in my off-whites”), it’s Offset’s use of the term in reference to $100 bills in his verse that stands out. This line adds the perfect context for anyone who might be wondering what they’ve been equating blue cheese to this entire time, but it also contradicts Migos’ long-standing alliance with ranch. I guess Ayo & Teyo did kind of take their ranch affinity and run with it, so it must be time to move on to a new dressing metaphor.

Gucci Mane — “Pablo” ft. E-40 & Trinidad James

Lyric: “Got that big ranch, real horses / Y'all niggas blue cheese”

I cannot explain to you my level of surprise when I found out that E-40 was not responsible for the blue cheese reference on this track—he’s the KING of euphemisms. His verse in this song alone contains the terms “cinnamon rolls” and “Pillsbury Big Biscuits” to describe guns and ammo, so I thought for sure he was the culprit, but alas, it was Trinidad James. James’ crumbly funk is more a play on him owning a ranch (get it?), but it’s a pretty sly reference nonetheless and carries multiple meanings. Pretty impressive for the “All Gold Everything” guy.

Pac Div — “Truth”

Lyric: “She bad but her pussy's like blue cheese nigga”

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Well, here’s another straight-up reference to actual blue cheese, and it’s a doozy. Similar to Sean Price’s usage of the term, Mibbs of Pac Div drops a blue cheese crumble in the form of a crude sexual metaphor that displays exactly what can happen when imagery is employed for evil rather than good. I can’t un-imagine this.

XV — “She Go, I Go” ft. Chiddy Bang

Lyric: “Hit the store and blue cheese like dressing”

This is one of the most inventive references of the hundreds I’ve poured over. This song appeared on XV’s mixtape Vizzy Zone in 2010, three years before the new $100 bills were implemented, so while he’s definitely referencing money in this line, there’s a very clever double entendre at work. He's saying he blew money, but the ambiguity of blue/blew makes the long-standing cheese/money euphemism even deeper. Inception-level stuff here.

Lil Wayne — “PMW (Pussy Money Weed)”

Lyric: “I like to see your booty roll like sushi / I'm tryin’ to dip my celery up in her blue cheese”

I’m still not cool with blue cheese being used to describe a woman’s genitalia after that Pac Div line, but at least this one seems more like a reference based on phonetics than an accurate description of the conditions down there. The whole metaphor is weird, as I’ve never found celery to be a particularly phallic food item, but at the end of the day, that sushi line is so fire that he probably just had to work backward.

Action Bronson — “Brunch”

Lyric: "X's mark the steak and the salad crumbled with bacon / And blue cheese, caramel complexions on two knees"

There are few things I’ve been more confident of in life than the fact that Action Bronson would end up in this article somewhere. An overall master of food references, I knew the former chef had a blue cheese reference in his catalog somewhere, and I doubt this is the only one. Action Bronson is actually one of the few people on this planet that I believe could potentially convert me into a blue cheese-lover through some ingenious incorporation in a dish, just not the one he describes in this line. Been there, done that, and it was still gross.

The UMC’s — “Blue Cheese”

Lyric: "For the source of my skill is all real / Fashioned to eliminate the weak who are marked with the seal, of blue cheese"

One of the earliest occurrences I came across, The UMC’s 1991 hit single brings a deeper meaning to the blue cheese references than most recent examples. Rather than referring to weed or money—neither of which were culturally accurate in ‘91—in this case, blue cheese is essentially a reference to wack emcees, playing off their cheesiness in contrast to the “true blue” emcees of hip-hop’s golden era.

Rick Ross — “Mafia Music”

Lyric: “Trunk full of white, car smell like blue cheese”

I’ve found a few instances during my research in which blue cheese is used to describe the smell of cocaine, particularly in crack form. While I’ve never personally done coke that smelled like blue cheese, I’ve also never had an entire trunk full of it, so I can’t speak on the accuracy of these references. Maybe there’s a correlation between the amount of cocaine and how strongly it smells like blue cheese? Maybe it's only Rick Ross-quality cocaine? Either way, I’m gonna take Rozay’s word for it and chalk it up as a line that just sounds cool, which it totally is.

Skepta — “Castles”

Lyric: “I was in Amsterdam smoking Blue Cheese and I had an epiphany / All these negative preconceptions just bring more negativity”

Most of the mentions of blue cheese in regard to marijuana I came across were fairly simplistic, but this line from Skepta incorporates the strain into a very introspective line rather than attempting to use it as an innuendo. A heavy indica, Blue Cheese is one of the most frequently prescribed medicinal strains for stress and depression, so it makes sense that smoking a fatty of it would allow Skepta to see past his day to day bullshit for a moment.


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