Tory Lanez Reveals He "Freestyled" His 2016 Debut 'I Told You'

"Now the pen is back on paper" for his upcoming album, which is "90%" done.

Tory Lanez 2016 major label debut, I Told You, moved a modest 53k SPS (sales plus streaming) units in its opening week and spawned the hit single "Say It," which, to date, is his one and only Platinum-certified single, but according to the 24-year-old Brompton, Ontario native, the album might have been even better had he actually put pen to paper while creating its 14 tracks.

"No lie, I freestyled my whole first album," Lanez tweeted this morning.

To be clear, when Lanez says he "freestyled" the entire album, he doesn't mean he walked into the recording booth, told his engineer to load up a beat at random and, off the top of the dome, spit bars. By "freestyled," he means, he didn't actually write down any of his lyrics before recording the material, a practice popularized by JAY-Z and one that has led to the overall decline of mainstream lyricism

Ironically, Lanez, who has penned records for other artists, openly complained last year when comparisons were made between himself and Travis Scott. "I can't sound like somebody I wrote for," he said. Clearly, it's hard to freestyle a record for another artist.

Lanez is currently "90%" done with his currently untitled sophomore album. "I'm going to let the music speak 4 me at this point," he tweeted earlier this month.



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