Lil Yachty "Fucks With Kendrick" Because Kendrick Understands Him

"He gets me. He knows what I like. He gets what I do."

Kendrick Lamar is revered by hip-hop fans and industry peers alike for his humble personality, his skill set as an emcee and his incredible success over the past seven years, but if you ask Lil Yachty to express his admiration for the TDE emcee, there's one specific reason that trumps all the rest.

In a newly-released interview with MONTREALITY, the 19-year-old Atlanta rapper explained why, specifically, he "fucks with Kendrick."

"He understands all eras," Yachty said. "Like, when I first met Kendrick—not the first time I met him, I met him before and then I met him met him like sat down and talked with him—he understood me. I woulda never expect him to fuckin' get me, understand me. But he gets me. He knows what I like. He gets what I do."

Following the release of his 2016 breakout mixtape, Lil Boat, Lil Yachty has spent the past 15 months defending himself, his approach to making music, and his comments about rap's old guard during interviews against rappers who are cut from the cloth of hip-hop's past. Kendrick, who just turned 30, might not be a card-carrying member of the old guard, but his musical foundation was built using the same fabric. 

"Most niggas who do one thing, they one-sided," Yachty added. "They spit, they don't fuck with the other shit. They like, 'that's shit's wack.' He respects all, everything. I fuck with Kendrick. That's a real nigga."

For Yachty, the ultimate goal is to spin that respect into a collaborative relationship. "If I could get in that studio with him, that'd be amazing," he added.

While it might seem hard to imagine Kendrick would employ Lil Yachty on a future album—and I doubt that collaboration is on anyone's bucket list—many of his peers, including Kanye and Chance The Rapper, have taken a liking to artists of Yachty's ilk, using them to further their reach among the youth. 

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