The Internet’s ‘Ego Death’ Follow-Up Album Is “On the Way”

The fourth album from the GRAMMY-nominated group is coming soon.

On the two-year anniversary of the release of their GRAMMY-nominated album Ego Death, Los Angeles-based hip-hop soul band The Internet has announced that their fourth studio album is just around the corner.

The prospect of a new album from The Internet was first revealed last fall when the group let the cat out of the bag during an interview with The FADER, but at the time, they were planning on a spring release date. 

Since then, the group's three most prominent members have all released acclaimed solo projects—Matt Martians independently releasedThe Drum Chord Theory this past January, followed by Syd's RCA Records debut Fin and Steve Lacy's Steve Lacy's Demo in February—which ultimately led the group to push back the release of their currently-untitled fourth full-length.