Ugly God: The Biggest Artists Don’t Just Talk About “Jewelry & All That Other Shit”

"You notice how the biggest of the biggest artists don't talk about that kind of stuff? And you see their longevity?"

In a heartfelt open letter to his fans posted to his Instagram on Friday (June 30), Ugly God apologized for the delayed release of his new project, The Booty Tape, and revealed that because of their inability to meet a hard deadline, neither XXXTENTACION or Ski Mask "The Slump God" made the final track list.

While those two takeaways will most likely garner the most attention, it was the Houston rapper's vow to avoid making records that focus too much on material wealth and jewelry that caught our attention.

"If I wasn't in it for the people, I'd just be rapping about jewelry and all that other shit, but that's superrrr wack if you ask me," Ugly God wrote. "That shit is only cool for so long until it gets old and played out. You notice how the biggest of the biggest artists don't talk about that kind of stuff? And you see their longevity? I'm really aiming to be the biggest artist there ever was. Even though chances are slim, it's still possible."



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As one of XXL's 10 Freshman selections for 2017, Ugly God has the spotlight shining on his name and his music and, by the tone of his remarks, it would appear he understands that that light won't stay on forever.

Rapping about material wealth and extravagance isn't necessarily a death sentence if you want to succeed for years to come—JAY-Z has money-related bars throughout 4:44, which is his 13th studio album—but artistic expansion and growth are only possible if an artist also expands the topicality of their rhymes.

Ugly God might not be everyone's cup of tea, but he really is at the forefront of bridging the disparate gap between two vastly different hip-hop worlds.



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