Watch The Lawsuit: Kanye West Leaves TIDAL, Says He’s Owed $3M

I don't think we should be expecting a 'Watch The Throne' sequel. Ever.

Kanye West is parting ways with TIDAL, according to TMZ, who is reporting West is owed $3 million by the JAY-Z-owned streaming platform.

TIDAL is claiming West never delivered on a specific number of videos to support his The Life of Pablo release, but this is where the situation turns into a chicken or egg dilemma.

TMZ sources say Kanye isn't willing to deliver any additional videos in support of the album since he wasn't reimbursed for the two videos he did shoot in support of the project, "Famous" and "Fade."

Kanye's decision to only shoot two videos shouldn't come as a surprise, however, since he has publicly stated his disinterest in making music videos and starring in them.

TIDAL lawyers have responded to Kanye's notice of departure, telling TMZ that "as far as the company was concerned, it still had an exclusive contract with the rapper and if he tried to go to another streaming service they'd sue him."

While it would be easy to assume Kanye's decision to exit TIDAL and separate himself from his one-time close friend and collaborator JAY-Z is a direct result of the swipes Jay took at Kanye on his newly-released album, 4:44, TMZ confirms that West put his escape plan into motion long before Jigga's album was released. Though, it's possible Kanye could have gotten wind of Jay's comments through a mutual connection.

TIDAL is prepared to sue West if he attempts to release his next project on a streaming platform that isn't TIDAL. For his part, West is apparently prepared to return the suit.

Needless to say, I don't think we should be expecting a Watch The Throne sequel. Ever.