Biggie Would Choose Chronic “Over Some Jordans Any Day,” Says Diddy

"Big liked his kicks, but he loved his weed and women more."

The Notorious B.I.G. is arguably the greatest rapper of all time—yes, we know, JAY-Z and Rakim would like a word—but he was certainly no sneakerhead.

"Big liked his kicks, but he loved his weed and women more," Diddy told Sneaker Shopping with Complex host Joe La Puma. "I don't want to lie to y'all and tell you Biggie was the biggest sneakerhead. Like, he had his fresh joints, but a pound of chronic he'll take over some Jordans any day."

Comparing weed, women and kicks is apples and oranges on a dollar for dollar level—even with an adjustment for inflation, you could probably purchase 10 pairs of Jordans for the price of one pound of weed in the mid-'90s—but on a personal preference level, it's no surprise that basketball shoes didn't rank higher on Big's favorite things list. A quick scan of Biggie's lyrics reveals a fairly minimal number of shoe references, though, the opening verse on "Hyponotize" ("Timbs for my hooligans in Brooklyn") is one of his most memorable and quoted lines.

Later in the interview, Diddy revealed that he's been approached by Gucci and Jordan Brand about a Biggie-inspired sneaker. Though nothing has materialized to date, Diddy won't rule out the possibility. "You may see a collaboration in the future."