Noname's 'Telefone' Follow-Up Will Be Titled 'Room 25'

No release date yet, but we have a title for Noname's next project.

Chicago recording artist Noname, whose 2016 debut Telefone earned resounding praise from critics and fans alike, has revealed the title of her next project: Room 25.

There is currently no release date in place for the follow-up to Telefone, but Noname stated earlier this year that she wasn't planning to release new music "for a long time."

Whenever she does get around to recording and releasing Room 25, though, the process shouldn't take long—according to the artist herself, Telefone was completed in roughly a month.

While it's certainly exciting news that one of hip-hop's hermits is in the midst of creating new tunes, don't expect Noname to change up her release strategy and go Gucci Mane on us. "I promise, I'm only releasing like two more tapes then its nothing but rom coms from me," she tweeted last month.