20 Most-Streamed Hip-Hop & R&B Artists in 2017 (So Far)

It's no surprise to see Drake, Future and Kendrick Lamar at the top of this list, but how 'bout Eminem?

Earlier this week, BuzzAngle Music and Nielson both released their mid-year U.S. reports, which highlight industry sales and on-demand streaming trends, as well as the most popular artists, singles and albums, from January 1 through June 30.

Among the top 25 most-streamed artists in the United States through the first six months of the current calendar year, 20 are either hip-hop or R&B artists—and even that line has been blurred over the past ten years—and 13 of the 20 exceeded one billion total on-demand streams across all platforms (which includes video plays on YouTube).

As a result of their wildly successful 2017 releases, the three most-streamed artists are, in order, Drake (More Life), Future (FUTURE and HNDRXX) and Kendrick Lamar (DAMN.), who racked up a combined 8.6 billion on-demand streams across all platforms. 

While it should come as no surprise to see Drake, Future and Kendrick Lamar at the top of this list, it is rather remarkable that Eminem, who has not released a full-length album since 2013's The Marshall Mathers LP 2, is currently sitting at No. 11 with 1.15 billion on-demand streams. 

For a complete list of the top 25 most-streamed artists—across all genres—of 2017, click here. Below, you will find the 20 most-streamed hip-hop and R&B artists.

  1. Drake (3.7B)
  2. Future (2.6B)
  3. Kendrick Lamar (2.3B)
  4. Migos (1.9B)
  5. The Weeknd (1.8B)
  6. Bruno Mars (1.4B)
  7. Kodak Black (1.2B)
  8. Lil Uzi Vert (1.19B)
  9. Rihanna (1.18B)
  10. Post Malone (1.17B)
  11. Eminem (1.15B)
  12. J. Cole (1.13B)
  13. Big Sean (1.13B)
  14. Kanye West (990M)
  15. Rae Sremmurd (981M)
  16. Beyonce (925M)
  17. DJ Khaled (864M)
  18. Chris Brown (847M)
  19. Kevin Gates (766M)
  20. Travis Scott (751M)



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