Tyler, The Creator Announces New Album, ‘Scum Fuck Flower Boy’

Tyler's fourth full-length album will be released on July 21.

Tyler, The Creator will release his fourth full-length album, Scum Fuck Flower Boy, on Friday, July 21 via Columbia Records.

The 14-track album, which includes previously-releases singles "Who Dat Boy" and "911 / Mr. Lonely," is the Odd Future ringleader's first album since 2015's Cherry Bomb and will mark the fourth release from an Odd Future member in 2017, following Syd (Fin), Matt Martians (The Drum Chord Theory) and Domo Genesis (Red Corolla).

Scum Fuck Flower Boy is entirely self-produced and features guest appearances by A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy and more.



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