Martin Shkreli Reportedly Has Unreleased ‘Tha Carter V’ Album Because Lil Wayne Sold His Bugatti


Last week, terrible human being and pharma bro Martin Shkreli was found guilty of fraud.

As far as hip-hop fans are concerned, though, the only thing that matters before Shkreli receives a potential 20-year prison sentence is whether or not he will release, in full, the Wu-Tang Clan album that he purchased for a cool $2 million—Shkreli did celebrate his conviction by live-streaming Once Upon a Time in Shaolin on his YouTube channel—and the two-disc version of Lil Wayne's forever-delayed Tha Carter V.

In an interview last December, Shkreli claims he purchased the fifth installment in Wayne's album series by "legal" means, but refused to detail the chain of custody that ultimately led to him owning the project.

On Friday (August 4), Alex Pfeiffer‏, a White House correspondent for The Daily Caller, revealed the reported backstory.

Mo money means mo problems, right?

Not only is money the impetus for the legal stalemate that Birdman and Wayne are in over Wayne's contract with Cash Money, but Wayne selling a pre-owned Bugatti—a luxury vehicle that could fetch anywhere between $1.6 and 2.5 million on the open market depending on the mileage, the model and the year—might have ultimately led to his copy of Tha Carter V landing in Shkreli's slimy hands.

In May, Wayne's camp threatened to sue Shkreli if any material from the album found its way onto the internet. At this point, though, that might be the only way we ever get to hear the album.



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