Don't Call 21 Savage a "Mumble Rapper": "You Can Hear Every Goddamn Word I Say"

"I got some lyrical, deep shit. Like, I got a letter to Biggie and Tupac, some hard-ass shit, but I ain't even gon put it out."

Fresh off the release of his major label debut, Issa Album, Atlanta rapper 21 Savage stopped by The Breakfast Club for an interview on Wednesday (July 19), where he discussed, among other things, the success of his debut—Issa Album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, behind only JAY-Z's 4:44—and dating Amber Rose. 

Halfway through the interview, the 24-year-old was asked to list notable artists who he knows "fuck with" his music—Drake, Future and Migos were among the names mentioned—but when co-host Angela Yee asked 21 to name an artist he'd like to work with that he's yet to meet in person, he used the inquiry as a springboard to the top of his soapbox.

"Nowadays, everybody want you to be lyrical, if you ain't lyrical, you ain't get no respect," 21 said. "And goddamn, if everybody was lyrical, everybody would sound the same. Shit."

When asked if he has the ability to execute "lyrical shit," 21 emphatically responded: "I got some lyrical, deep shit. Like, I got a letter to Biggie and Tupac, some hard-ass shit, but I ain't even gon' put it out."

While 21 is often lumped together with popular "mumble rap" artists like Desiigner, Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty—all of whom are capable of making lyrical hip-hop but have opted to travel down what they believe is a more fruitful path to prosperity—he believes the comparisons to be fraudulent. 

"I'ma keep doing what I do, so they can keep talking shit and saying I'm a mumble rapper," added 21. "But you can hear every god damn word I say."

Letter to Biggie and Tupac or not, 21 Savage would like to remind you that regardless of what he's rapping about, he's speaking clearly.



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