Travis Scott Tells VIP Concertgoers on Phones to "Take Your Ass Home"

"You don’t get no VIP motherf*ckin’ show texting on your phone..."

Planning on attending a future Travis Scott concert? You might want to consider leaving your cell phone at home. 

On Monday (July 17), during the Houston native's performance in Atlanta opening for Kendrick Lamar's The DAMN. Tour, Scott interrupted his own set to chastise fans in his VIP section who were looking down at their cell phones instead of up at him on stage, perched atop a giant flying bird.

"All you niggas that's with me behind the gate that's on your phones, y'all niggas can take y'all ass home," Scott told concertgoers. "You don’t get no VIP motherfuckin’ show texting on your phone like this shit wack."

It's difficult to condone Travis' decision to speak to his fans with such contempt, especially if his ire was directed at those who spent their hard-earned money to see him perform from the confines of quality seats, but excessive cell phone use at shows is undeniably annoying for both fellow concertgoers and the performers. 

In fact, cell phone over-use at shows has grown so tiresome that, in 2016, Alicia Keys banned cell phones from her concerts and Apple developed a patented technology that has the capability to disable the video camera function on any device in the venue.

While there's no easy solution to this first-world, technologically-induced epidemic, asking young attendees to stay off their phones despite concert tickets (or a VIP ticket package) becoming a luxury expense is a tough sell.