A$AP Ferg Had a Chance to Be 'the Man' & He Blew It

"It's unfortunate and I'd rather leave it like that."

A$AP Ferg had a chance to be 'the man.' He blew it.

On Thursday (July 27), while being interviewed on Hot 97 by Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez, Ferg was asked about the sexual assault allegations facing fellow A$AP member and the group's co-founder, Bari. Earlier this month, video footage surfaced online showing Bari uncovering the alleged victim and demanding that she perform oral sex on him.

For his part, Bari claims the video is misleading (sure) and that it was filmed and released without his consent (obviously).

Unlike A$AP Rocky, who publicly called Bari a "bitch" (though seems to have backtracked since), and A$AP affiliate Playboi Carti, who said he was "wrong" (Uh, ya think?), when given the opportunity to denounce Bari's actions without equivocation, Ferg decided to take a pass.

"It's a touchy story," Ferg said, adding, "It's unfortunate and I'd rather leave it like that." 

Ferg went on to say that he "feels bad" about the situation, but if he actually felt bad about it, he would have offered up more profound commentary.

Ferg isn't a bad guy, and his relative silence doesn't mean that he thinks sexual assault is acceptable, but his refusal to denounce Bari's alleged actions—and let's be real, there's video footage of him doing it, adding the word "alleged" to the sentence is just a formality—or, at minimum, sexual assault in general, only further fuels hip-hop's stunning embrace of this growing epidemic. 

One thing I do agree with, though, is Ferg's usage of the word 'touchy', which, given what Bari (allegedly) did to his female victim, is oddly and perversely appropriate.