Joe Budden Is Open to Leaking Slaughterhouse 'Glass House' Album

"I don't know who owns that music, I don't know if everyone has been paid for that music."

On the latest episode of Everyday Struggle, rapper-turned-show host Joe Budden addressed comments made by fellow Slaughterhouse emcee Crooked I in an Instagram post this past weekend, which indicated that Slaughterhouse, as we once knew it, is over.

According to the veteran emcee, Glass House, the group's long-delayed sophomore major label album, was completed in 2012 and contains production work by Just Blaze, araabMUZIK, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, !llmind and Cardiak. But while the group is not dead, Joey doesn't expect Glass House to see the light of day anytime soon—that is, of course, unless he decides to leak the project.

"When they talk about this album today, it's an old album," said Budden. "It may or may not be dated, it may or may not sound dated, I don't know. Because it's not out. I have this album on my computer and I'll leak it. If they keep talking about this shit, I will leak the shit." 

While Slaughterhouse fans would love for Budden to make good on this semi-promise and deliver a leaked version of Glass House, the legal ramifications of that decision likely aren't lost on Budden. "I don't know who owns that music, I don't know if everyone has been paid for that music because I haven't inquired about it," Budden added.

So, to recap: Slaughterhouse isn't dead, the album in question has been done for five years and might or might not sound dated, and if fans keep pestering Joey about hearing it, he might or might not leak it. Budden doesn't give a fuck.

"I’m sure we want to hear from the group, and I’m sure we will. The group is not dead, that Instagram post makes people think the group is dead, but I have a job. I took a job."

Got all that?

Update: Just Blaze has responded to our story and, according to the legendary producer, he has the final version of the album.