T.I. Describes Eminem’s Writing Process as “Truly of Another World”

"For real, that shit was just on some other shit."

Eminem might be a self-proclaimed Rap God but he's far from the only person to acknowledge his otherworldly writing and rapping abilities. 

During a recent interview with MONTREALITY, T.I. not only praised Slim Shady for his incredible skill set but also explained what, exactly, makes him such a rare breed.

"Em is probably one of the most talented, capable, intellectual technicians of wordplay I have ever experienced," said T.I., who worked with Eminem in 2007 on T.I. vs. T.I.P. track "Touchdown" and again in 2010 on No Mercy highlight "That's All She Wrote."

"He's really meticulous with his approach to how he put his shit together. Both times we worked [together], I had the opportunity to sit in there and watching him actually put this shit together, it was just truly of another world. For real, that shit was just on some other shit."

T.I. didn't save all of his high praise for Eminem, though. The veteran rapper also lobbed roses at the feet of André 3000, saying, "Him and 3000 are the most meticulous artists I have ever worked with and they are very critical of themselves. There were times where I felt shit was dope, and they were like, 'Naw.'" 

So, not only are Eminem and 3 Stacks two of the most highly-respected, successful artists in hip-hop history, but they have also staunchly refused to be "yes men"? To think, if one of them were available to A&R NAV and Metro Boomin's Perfect Timing album, it might never have been released.