Ugly God ‘The Booty Tape’ 1 Listen Album Review

Ugly God's unapologetic approach demands respect, but 'The Booty Tape''s novelty wears off quickly.

Pussy Bacon. All I know about Ugly God is that his rap name used to be Pussy Bacon.

Can you imagine him on 106 & Park or Rap City or TRL revealing a video as Pussy Bacon? Discovering his former moniker during his interview with Sway is what sparked my interest in Ugly God. Amassing 190 million plays across SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube for his debut single, “Water,” is an impressive feat, but numbers don’t move me like they once did.

I couldn’t find the energy to care about another viral rapper single—I gave enough energy to Rich Chigga—but only the coldest heart could ignore a man who was bold enough to be known to the world as a juxtaposition of delicious pork and women's genitalia.

Not all rap has to be serious. It’s a lesson I learned after hearing a Lil B college lecture and finally seeing the light that surrounded the Based God. In a world where the president of the United States has the mind of a bigoted fourth grader, social media is social purgatory, and nuclear missiles are part of everyday conversation, it's important to enjoy a carefree laugh every now and then.

It takes a lot of balls just to be yourself in a business where you are constantly told who you are expected to be. I’m not going into his debut project (which he says is "not really a mixtape and definitely not an album...but more of a...collection"), The Booty Tape, expecting anything that will move my soul like Kendrick’s DAMN. or J.I.D’s The Never Story.

But if Ugly God can make me my soul a bit lighter by forgetting a few of the problems plaguing this doomed world of ours, well, I won’t regret pressing play.

In usual 1-Listen fashion, the rules are the same: no skipping, no fast-forwarding, no rewinding and no stopping. Each song will receive my gut reaction from start to finish.

1. "Welcome To The Booty Tape"

I like how all kinds of booty are physically represented on the cover art. All butts matter in an Ugly God America. A boy interviewing his mom about Ugly God. She sounds like a Middle America soccer mom who enjoys long episodes of Good Morning America and Lena Dunham think pieces, and probably banned Kanye from her household after he traumatized poor Taylor Swift at the VMAs. She said he is terrible and won’t make it. She said she’s open-minded to rap music, though. Oh my. She said he wasn’t attractive. I guess only sexy rappers can make it. Gotta make it look sexy, Ugly God. She is so appalled, I haven’t heard a woman this upset since that viral video of that mom hearing Vince Staples' “Norf Norf” on the radio with her kid in the car. I really wish his name was still Pussy Bacon. Beat just dropped, disgusting bass. The kind of dirty bag bass that would piss in your Fruit Loops. The beat sounds like he wanted to sample the sound of throwing trash cans at pedestrians. He reminds me as a long-lost member of Divine Council. They should’ve had him on “Decemba Remix,” the approach is similar. I like how this is hitting. Bedroom trap sounds. “Pockets thicker than an elephant,” haha. I like the “Thanks Ugly God” drop. Ugh. That was quick but I’m not mad. It didn’t need to be longer.  

2. "Stop Smoking Black & Milds" 

I think people who smoke Black & Milds would listen to DJay’s music―Terrence Howard's character from Hustle & Flow―if he were a real artist. Ugly God likes his bass LOUD. My ears weren’t ready. Where is he from? Feels like a real Southern trait. Deep South. He’s vehemently against women who smoke Black & Milds. The verse sounds like listening to someone get roasted in a high school hallway over a trembling trap beat. If Based God was a disrespectful God he would be Ugly God. Black & Milds are not classy… hahaha, he said your daughter's only toy is a jump rope. Don’t spend your last dollar on the wood tips, great life advice UG. Man, this beat has the life force of a tired stripper who has been dancing for 18 hours but shaking through the exhaustion because rent is due. Does that even make sense? Does anything about this make sense?

3. "I'm A Nasty Hoe" 

Ugly God is for all butts and against Black & Milds. I like these chords. Smooth. It sounds like his drums have been the same for each track. Very little difference production-wise. Ugly God is like if Tyler, The Creator’s Young Nigga persona came to life. I can picture him making a song like “Expensive Pasta” and it being a viral hit. He's really a modern-day Soulja Boy. The music reminds me of what Big Soulja was making before and right after "Crank Dat." Bedroom trap is pretty much his sound. Hahaha. Ugly God is the honest romantic we need. Own your nastiness all 2017. OMG. He’s singing. We have entered a completely different universe. Send me back. Well, not, full singing. But this melodic, falsetto flow could shatter glass. He’s so serious, too. Not a touch of Auto-Tune on these vocals. God I wish Auto-Tune was on these vocals. I don’t think I’ll ever have that amount of confidence to take singing that should only be done in the shower and share it with the world. I love the sound effects in the background. I’m rolling over in pure laughter. I don’t even know what’s happening anymore. Thank you, Ugly God.

4. "I'm Tryna Fuck"

Man. The children of Lil B are something else. Wait. We might have something with this one. Slow build-up. Ha. The "aye" he came in with was so exciting. Like he just got a free app at Applebees. Ugly God is floating. This entire song is like the most blunt 3 a.m. text message to a girl you want to sleep with. Imagine if Juicy J was texting a love interest after a day of marathon-drinking Bombay. Lowkey getting old Trillville vibes from this one. Need an Ugly God remix of “Some Cut.” Production slaps. It has that nice mid-tempo bounce. I do enjoy Ugly’s immature honesty. He’s being upfront and if she also wants to fuck then that’s two consenting adults bumping uglies. Ugly God embodies the André ethos, “Told the truth to get what I want, but shot it with no shame.

5. "Fuck Ugly God" 

Now this beat is weird. I like it. Sounds like he did some kind of weird reverse loop. WTF. There’s a “Fuck Ugly God” rant happening in my ears right now. Literally, like a group of middle school tyrants belching their disdain with three simple words. This is turnt. Modern crunk music. Punch your fist music. Ugly God is hilarious. The bassline sounds like it was born just to torment neighbors who have to wake up early. He really makes roast music. What Are Those music. You can tell he was the class clown. “Back in eighth grade you used to borrow niggas clothes,” lmaoooo. He’s roasting himself. "You act like a freak but you ain't never sucked no toes." LMAO. Wow. Just wow. This is a B-Rabbit-final-verse-on-8 Mile level of self-attack. I never heard anyone hype up a chant that says fuck them. Pure mayhem. Also pretty fun. This is terrible LMAO.



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6. "No Lies" ft. Wiz Khalifa

I wonder how much this Wiz Khalifa feature cost? Such an odd feature. I like this. The production is probably the least menacing yet. Wait, I was wrong. Bass just came in like the Proud Family Gross Sisters wanting my lunch money. Ugly’s flow is kinda cool. It sounds effortless but then again he’s probably not putting much effort into it. Man. This is really like listening to the eighth-grade class clown freestyling at lunch. Wiz! I haven’t heard Wiz rap in way too long. Wiz has the kind of voice that can fit on any beat. He’s floating! Wiz did as Wiz has done for the last few years. Ugly God’s beats sound like they haven’t showered in two weeks. The kind of disgusting dirty that you wouldn’t want to be around on public transportation.

7. "Bitch!" 

Are those wind chimes? He’s repeating "bitch." Over and over. I wonder if he did this in one take. “No I’m not a rapper, this the first page of the chapter.” What does that even mean? Hahaha. “Booty gang pastor.” I’m rolling. Pure comedy. This is astoundingly carefree. He’s just rhyming. Pure based. “I fucked her with no condom but don’t worry bitch I’m neutered.” The rest of this review will be written from heaven. Actually, stop the review. I’ve heard enough. Nothing will top that line.

8. "L.D.C"

Ugly God would’ve been the star on S.D.M.G. Soulja Boy would’ve passed it to Ugly God. “Hoes on my dick 'cause I look like Bill Cosby.” I wish Lil B would’ve got a feature, man. The kids gotta let dad eat. He raised his vocal pitch, lmao. I can’t think of who he sounds like but it’s hilarious. “Young Pussy Bacon drink water out the faucet,” hahahahahaha. Is that a brag? Okay. I’m over it. Someone tag me out. I can’t take it.

9. "Like A Maverick" 

I make music from my basement.” I love how the music sounds like it. He’s rapping, no drums. Drums just dropped. This one is pretty catchy. If he had another hit like “Water” this one would work. Again, I can hear a similarity to Divine Council. Stylistically. Rhyme style and wordplay. But his voice is kind of like a member of the Migos. He would have made a hilarious fourth Migo. This is maybe the longest song thus far. He gave himself plenty room just to rhyme. Few lines here and there. Thanks, Ugly God.

10. "Water"

I like how the single cover art is with water Pokémon, very on brand. Repetitive hook, yet catchy. This is what the kids like these days. Hahahaha. Everything is funny. Everything. Need to get a Boosie fade before I die. Ugly understands that less is more. He has been successful by not overstaying his welcome. I don't know why this is so big but it is one of the better songs. 

Final first listen thoughts on Ugly God’s The Booty Tape:

I’ll never listen to The Booty Tape again. Well, they say never say never, but there's a very slim chance.

The music is simply not for me. I can see the humor and the entertainment aspect, but the novelty wears off rather quickly. If you like bedroom beats that sound like they were made in an abandoned trap house and the honest lyrics of a man who loves Based Freestyles, enjoys playing the Dozens and being candid about his desires to sleep with women then this may be the album for you.

Like Makonnen and Lil Yachty, Ugly God is a product of the Soulja Boy/Lil B era of rap, combined with the absolute freedom of carefree self-expression that the internet has gifted to young artists. He makes it sound like he doesn't have a single worry in the world. Making beats, rapping rhymes and getting girls is all UG is focused on. The tape isn’t polished and is far from properly mixed. Probably the best example of a SoundCloud rapper receiving mass attention and not deserting the elements that brought him his prosperity.

Ugly God isn’t for me but I respect his unapologetic approach to creating. Make what you want. A kid that made music in his basement made it to the XXL Freshman list, racked up hundreds of millions of streams, and will probably make more money on the road than a college graduate with a bachelor's degree. He stayed true to himself and won, at least so far.

He also preaches a level of self-acceptance that I can appreciate. Ugly God knows himself and doesn’t try to be anyone else.

I don’t have to like the music, but I’ll never knock the hustle. Long live Pussy Bacon!

Early Favorites: “No Lies,” “Like A Maverick”
Early Not-So-Favorites: “Bitch!,” “I'm A Nasty Hoe”

By Yoh, aka Kitten Pork, aka @Yoh31



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