Adult Swim Is Bringing Hip-Hop Fans 15 Straight Weeks of New MF DOOM

Stream the first offering with the late Sean Price right now.

For the next 15 weeks, Adult Swim will release one all-new MF DOOM record per week.

Since it's Monday, and you're probably horrible at math, that means 15 new DOOM records are on the way. 

For the week one selection, aka '01. Notebook 00,' we have "Negus," an unreleased record from the late Sean Price, which features a dynamic, mean-spirited guest verse from DOOM. 

According to a press release, Adult Swim received a folder from DOOM labeled "The Missing Notebook Rhymes," which contained a total of 15 tracks. Each track will be placed on either one his own upcoming albums—yes, albums as in more than one—or will be a single featured on a project by another artist. For example, "Negus" will appear on Sean Price's forthcoming posthumous album, imperious Rex.

In May, we reported that, as a part of the Adult Swim singles series, the world would soon be able to hear a new record from DOOM and Jay Electronica. Indeed, one of the 15 tracks in this new, all-DOOM series will be the aforementioned collaboration with Jay Elect, which will run through November 14.