A-Trak Compares Lil Yachty & Quavo Kicking Bars on “Believe” to “Some Run-D.M.C. Shit”

"A lot of the traditionalists of hip-hop try to not give Yachty props."

Montréal DJ and producer A-Trak, the owner of indie record label Fool's Gold, released his latest single, "Believe," on July 20, which features vocal performances by Lil Yachty and Quavo

During an interview with Genius last week, the 35-year-old multi-creative revealed that the song, which was recorded during "hangout sessions" at Atlanta’s Quality Control Studios, has been in the can for almost a year.

While both of those nuggets help us better understand the creative process, A-Trak's most interesting soundbite comes at the very end of the vignette, when he dishes out lofty praise for his collaborators, even going so far as to compare their performance on "Believe" to a legendary hip-hop act.

"A lot of the traditionalists of hip-hop try to not give Yachty props," A-Trak said. "Yachty is dope. He's good. He killed it on this song. That style, you know, of kicking a couple bars back and forth, to me, that's some Run D.M.C. shit. Quavo's one of the best right now. His diction is so the opposite of mumbling. No one articulates as well as him. It's crazy."

Okay, before you run a Google search for A-Trak's Manhattan apartment address and beat down his door with your white, shell-toe Adidas sneakers, it's important that we all parse his words correctly.

He isn't saying that Yachty and Quavo are the new school version of Run-D.M.C.—that would be blasphemy—but rather, the pair trading lines back and forth is reminiscent of the practice that Joseph "Run" Simmons and Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels popularized in the mid-'80s.

You may now lower your pitchforks.

As for the individual props that A-Trak heaped onto each individual, while I cannot personally co-sign Yachty's skill set or lack thereof, Quavo's diction is terrific—it would be irresponsible and categorically wrong to lump him into the mumble rap discussion—and is one of a number of reasons why Migos' triplet flow works so well.