Donald Glover Acknowledges Industry Success is Based on Speaking "Old White Man"

"You have to make them understand that you speak their language — that you speak old white man."

For the past few years, Black creatives like Donald Glover have been fueling the entire entertainment landscape, from the overwhelming success of shows like Gambino's Atlanta and HBO hit Insecure to Jordan Peele's mega-hit directorial debut Get Out, but none of that influence or winning has changed the fact that the decision makers at record labels and TV and movie studios are—as they have been since time immemorial—predominantly white, old and out of touch.

"You have to make people feel comfortable," Glover recently toldThe Hollywood Reporter. "You have to make them understand that you speak their language — that you speak old white man."

While Glover acknowledges his frustration over having to pitch countless TV executives on the premise for his brilliant, award-winning Atlanta before finally landing a deal with FX, he believes the entire experience put a "chip on my shoulder."



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Later in the interview, Glover revealed that despite his multiple movie commitments and his work on the highly-anticipated second season of Atlanta, he is still going to be working on new music. Oh, and Childish Gambino isn't retiring just yet.

"I can be a very sweet guy, but I don't like being told what things are and how things are going to work," said Glover, closing the interview with the same tonal approach he began the interview with.

Bless you, Donald.



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