Kodak Black on Master P Charging Him for His Mentorship: "I Aint Gon' Buy No Game"

Kodak isn't happy about Master P wanting payment for his mentorship.

Following his extremely odd, uncomfortable interview on The Breakfast Club this earlier this year, troubled rap star Kodak Black, who is still awaiting trial for sexual battery in South Carolina, was contacted by industry veteran Master P, who offered to mentor the 20-year-old Florida rapper. 

For the past seven months, Master P has worked closely with Black, consulting him on career moves and helping him to get out of the hot water he was bathing in after making a slew of thoughtless comments about dark-skinned women.

As it turns out, though, Master P's intentions weren't exactly pure. According to Black, Master P tried to charge him for his mentorship, a move that isn't sitting right with the rapper.

"I guess Master P [thought] I was a fool," Kodak told his fans on Instagram Live earlier this week. "I still fuck with Master P. Know what I'm saying? But I ain't no motherfucking fool. Know what I'm saying? I'm ain't no motherfucking fool, period. Niggas still fuck with Master P, know what I'm saying? But I give my niggas game, whatever game I got, I give it to them for free. Ain't chargin' em. Know'm saying? I ain't gon' buy no game from no nigga. Because I'm one foot in, one foot out."

Kodak, I do know what you're saying—except for that last part about the feet being both in and out.

There is nothing inherently wrong with Master P offering his services to Kodak as a mentor, but if Kodak was expected to foot the bill for said services, Master P obviously should have been upfront with him about the role he wanted to play and what that would cost him. Given Master P's shady behavior over the past year, which includes hilariously boosting his SoundCloud numbers, this classic bait and switch tactic is far from surprising. 

By using the word "mentorship," Kodak Black likely expected Master P to provide him with guidance that came free of charge. It might all be semantics, but the real role the former head honcho of No Limit Records wanted to play was that of career consultant. A mentorship is often associated with an act of good will. A career consultant charges you by the hour and is on a retainer. 

With or without Master P's guidance—paid for or not—Kodak Black has a lot to learn about the industry and life. Both his career and his life will depend on it.