Tweet Rewind: Metro Boomin Has Some Bangers for Kendrick Lamar

"Where can I shoot some beats thru my g?"

In August of 2010, while Kendrick Lamar was focused on convincing 9th Wonder to let him "bless" one of his beats, Metro Boomin was busy planning a similar attack—on Kendrick.

First in November of that same year and then again less than two months later, the now hit-making producer extended his beatmaking services to the young TDE emcee.

We don't know if Kendrick ever responded to Metro, since he would eventually change his Twitter handle from @Kendrick_Lamar to @KendrickLamar, but the parallel between Kendrick pursuing work with an established producer—which worked, by the way—and a then-unknown beatmaker pursuing work with an up-and-coming star emcee is undeniable. Foundationally, they are one in the same—when you get a chance, shoot your shot.

In 2016, six years after that initial tweet, Complexreported that Metro and Kendrick were working together in the studio. However, to date, the only time Kendrick has rapped over a Metro Boomin beat is when he was a guest on Future's "Mask Off" remix. In terms of hearing that rapper actually rap over your beat, that counts. In terms of actually making music together, it does not.



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Though Metro's hit 'em up on Twitter tactic didn't initially prove to be fruitful, it has worked wonders with other artists over the years.

In May of 2010, Metro tweeted that he sent Rick Ross a handful of beats and asking for his followers to "pray for him." He even followed up seven months later, introducing himself as "Don Cannon's producer": 

Four years later, Metro's prayers were answered when he landed a placement ("Neighborhood Drug Dealer") on Ross' 2014 album, Hood Billionaire. The following year, Metro did the same thing with Lil B and, as we now know, the pair has released original material and have joints in the stash.

In an era when social media has become the ultimate collaborative breeding ground for artists and producers, stories like these will continue to be told for years to come.

Now, all we need is Kendrick rapping over a Metro beat to ensure a happy ending.



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