"Wear Condoms Because STDs—Those Aren't Cool": Rae Sremmurd Stay Preaching Safe Sex

"AIDS, herpes, that type of shit is not fun."

Rappers Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi of Platinum-selling duo Rae Sremmurd recently sat down with MONTREALITY for a wide-ranging interview that touched on everything from their appreciation for Lil Wayne to their favorite cartoon characters, but the Ear Drummers duo saved their best talking point for last when they were asked to deliver a message to the youth.

"My advice to you, wear condoms," said Jxmmi, adding, "Because STDS—those aren't cool. And babies, at a young age, those are really hard to deal with—having a baby—and you might have a more entertaining life if you enjoy it while you're young and have that baby while you're older."

While it'd be easy to assume the brothers don't practice what they preach, the Tupelo, Mississippi natives have been preaching safe sex and STD prevention for years.

On their 2014 smash hit "No Flex Zone," Jxmmi points out that women often ask him why he always carries around so many condoms ("She said, 'Why you got so many condoms with you?' / I say, 'I'm a player, to be honest with you'"), on SremmLife 2 cut "Over Here," featured guest BoBo Swae offers listeners yet another reminder ("I got a pocket full of condoms, I fucked your bitch yesterday / We do this shit every day, she got a tattoo of BoBo Swae") and, at one point, you could actually purchase your very own "I Wear Condoms" merch on their official website.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, there's nothing "overrated" about wearing a condom:

In all seriousness, though, despite teen birth rates among Black and Hispanic women significantly decreasing over the past decade, the value of prominent, young Black men who aren't afraid to speak up about birth control and STD prevention is priceless. In a genre that is famous for acting recklessly (YOLO, right?), both young men deserve applause for telling their audience that being responsible doesn't have to mean not having fun.

"AIDS, herpes, that type of shit is not fun," added Jxmmi.

True. Very true.


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