What Exactly is the Role of a Producer Manager?

"There are times where I've covered [a producer's] rent for months because we're waiting on money to come."

On Wednesday (August 23), during an interview with Complex for their series The Culture, Brock Korsan, aka Brocky Marciano, a veteran producer manager and A&R who recently added Kendrick's DAMN. to his résumé, was asked by show host Jinx what insight he's gathered throughout his many years working with and managing producers, such as Cardo, DJ Dahi, Ricci Riera, NEENYO and more.

Instead of offering a vague, cliché account of his own personal experience in the industry and of the relationships he's built with his clients, Korsan, in less than one minute, not only issued a job description for 'Producer Manager' but also clearly defined the importance and gravity of taking on such a responsibility.

"It's not just, 'I'm selling you this beat'," Kordan explained to Jinx. "With anything, you get into a field because you enjoy it. You've really got to educate yourself. You're going to have to read everything to know about the music business. You've gotta read what management entails, there's a responsibility. There's a million people that want to do it. These people have kids to feed, too. It's not something you can base every decision upon, but you definitely can't take it lightly. There are times where I've covered [a producer's] rent for months because we're waiting on money to come in or deals to go through. It's a responsibility, it's not something you should take lightly or go to bed and not think about."

Every week, we receive a handful of emails from up-and-coming, independent artists and producers who are seeking management and have no idea where to look or what to expect. While there isn't currently a dating service-like app for hip-hop producers to find their perfect manager—although, that is a great fucking idea—Korsan's comments do provide a resource for us to point to in the future when managerial expectation questions are broached.

The difference between having management and having great management can and often does separate the artists and producers who have a moment versus those who end up with a career in music.

Choose the right path.