Action Bronson Shares Scary Xanax Story: "They Thought I Was Fucking Dead"

The veteran emcee loves good food and good weed but when it comes to Xanax, he's good.

Action Bronson loves good food and good weed but when it comes to Xanax, he's good.

During a recent interview on the No Jumper podcast to promote the release of his new album, Blue Chips 7000, Bronson shared a frightening story with host Adam22 about the one time he popped a Xanax pill and nearly lost his life.

"I just remember I took a Xanax one time and went on a fucking plane to Australia, 16 hours, I fuckin—I almost couldn't get up," said Bronson. "My fucking leg was like this [shows the size of his leg with his hands]. I couldn't fucking walk. It was almost a wrap. I was knocked out the whole time, they thought I was fucking dead."

Well, damn

With his near-death experience, Bronson now joins a growing list of emcees who have recently opened up about Xanax use, including Chance The Rapper, who toldGQ in 2016 that, at one point, he was "Xanned out every fucking day," and fellow Chicago rapper Lucki, who revealed that Xanax abuse nearly killed him. "Around this time last year, it was the lowest point in my life," Lucki told Adam22 while also a guest on the No Jumper podcast.

Despite new generation "artists" like Lil Pump promoting recreational Xanax use as "the wave," there is nothing cool about death.