Lil B Offers to Donate Free Verses to Houston Artists Affected by Hurricane Harvey

And there have already been some takers.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a tropical storm that has dropped 49 in. of rain on the city of Houston, Texas, thousands of people all across southern Texas are currently without food, shelter or both.

Among those stepping up to help out the (rapping or singing) residents of Houston is Berkeley, California native Lil B, who in a tweet earlier today, revealed his plans to gift anyone from the Houston area who makes music a free verse throughout the month of September.


While it's highly doubtful that many local artists who have been displaced from their homes, separated from family and loved ones or who have gone days without a proper meal or bed are currently thinking about landing a free 16 from The Based God, the sentiment, albeit odd, is at least well-intentioned.

And there have already been some takers:

This tweet has been deleted.

For those who really want to help make a difference, NPR has a list of 25 different organizations and funds that are all taking donations to help those affected, including The Greater Houston Community Foundation.