Isaiah Rashad Shares Empowering Advice for the Youth

Do they make bumper stickers large enough to house all of this real talk?

Since making his DJBooth debut in May of 2012 ("Part III"), Isaiah Rashad has signed a record deal with the best independent label for becoming a true artist, released two highly-acclaimed full-length projects (Cilvia Demo, The Sun's Tirade) and accumulated millions of adoring fans.

Now, at 26 years of age and with five years of record industry experience in his back pocket, the Los Angeles-based native of Chattanooga, Tennessee is in a prime position to offer advice to those who are younger than him and pursuing a career in the field of their dreams—rap or otherwise.

"Don't take this sh*t that you see on Twitter and on TV for face value, think for yourself, " Rashad told MONTREALITY in a newly-released interview. "Set realistic goals, but still dream. Never be too old to f*ckin' believe in yourself, people turn 25 and just give up on everything. Leave your city, leave your neighborhood. Go learn something cause it's cool to do it, besides tryna get an adrenaline rush."

Do they make bumper stickers large enough to house all of that real talk?

Unlike many 26-year-old recording artists, Rashad, who has been busy recording new material for the past five months, is in a unique position to offer an honest, empowering message to the youth.

Not only has he been able to overcome bouts of depression and drug addiction, but Rashad managed to escape the clutches of a small southeastern Tennessee city with a sub-200,000 population and become a professional recording artist living in the second biggest media market in the country. 

The art of leaving home and pursuing your dreams is a scary proposition, but Isaiah is living proof that anything—no matter where you live or what you want to do professionally—is possible.



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