"Promise Broken": Lupe Fiasco Shockingly Cancels Two Remaining 2017 Albums (For Now)

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This might come as a surprise to die-hard fans of Lupe Fiasco, but the Chicago veteran has decided to cancel his two remaining 2017 album releases.

Wait, just kidding, this news isn't surprising at all.

In response to a tweet from a fan, asking when he was planning on releasing the previously-announced DROGAS Wave and SKULLS—the final two albums of his career before retiring from the rap game—Fiasco responded:

This past May, after releasing the critically-unacclaimedDrogas Light, Fiasco admitted that, since his former label home, Atlantic Records, didn't deserve "his best," he chose not to put forth maximum effort on the album.

In response to fans who were disappointed with his admission, Fiasco stated that the follow-up, DROGAS Wave, would be his "best album to date." For now, it's anyone's guess when the project will see the light of day—or if it will see the light of day.

That is until Lupe changes his mind again.