Ty Dolla $ign Proclaims "Lean Is Dead," But Rappers Can "Do What You Want"

Should rappers stop abusing lean? Ty Dolla thinks so (though he'll leave the decision-making up to you).

Ty Dolla $ign might not drink lean himself, but that doesn't mean he has plans to parent fellow artists who have a habit out of drinking out of a double cup.

Following Lil Wayne's most recent health scare over the holiday weekend—the rapper was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago after being found unconscious as a result of a seizure—TMZ ambushed Ty Dolla in Los Angeles on Monday evening, asking the multi-Platinum artist if rappers should stop abusing lean. 

"Yes, lean is dead," Ty Dolla said, adding, "Do what you want to do—if it makes you feel good—do what you want to do."

It is unknown if lean was the cause of Lil Wayne's latest seizures—he also suffers from epilepsy—but Ty's message, albeit contradictory on the surface, is pitch perfect.

While the short- and long-term effects of drinking lean are undeniable, all adults—rappers or otherwise—must make informed decisions about what substances enter their bodies. You shouldn't eat ice cream sandwiches and pizza at every meal every day of the week, but if it makes you feel good, by all means, do you. (If you think that example is unfair, remember heart disease, caused first and foremost by an unhealthy diet, is the number one killer in the United States.)

Ty Dolla isn't the first artist to proclaim that the lean wave has ended. Earlier this year, SZA urged fellow artists to stop glorifying usage in music.


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