Westside Gunn & MF DOOM to Join Forces on 'WESTSIDEDOOM' Project

"This is the RAWEST, FLYEST, GRIMIEST shit you've ever heard IN YA LIFE."

If you weren't already excited about new material from Westside Gunn after the Buffalo native and his brother, Conway, announced a distribution deal for their label, Griselda Records, with Eminem and Shady Records, this past March, you might want to sit down.

On Thursday (September 7), Gunn confirmed the "secret" that Hypebeast revealed earlier in the day: He will be releasing a joint project with MF DOOM, produced in full by The Alchemist and Daringer.

"This is one of the illest projects I've ever heard when you think art," he wrote on Instagram. "This is the RAWEST, FLYEST, GRIMIEST shit you've ever heard IN YA LIFE."

There is no official release date for the forthcoming release, but Gunn declared "the day is soon."

Incredibly, we wouldn't even have Westside Gunn the rapper—or, for that matter, a joint project with DOOM—if his brother Conway was never shot. Life works in mysterious ways. In that way, it makes perfect sense that Gunn and DOOM would connect—nobody is more mysterious than the masked English rapper born Daniel Dumile.