Report Card: G-Worthy is Silky Smooth, Derin Falana Talks His Shit, Quavo Doesn't Strike Gold

And The Weeknd needs to diversify his flows.

There is simply too much music and not enough hours.

Attempting to cover every notable and great album is difficult enough, but reviewing every notable and great song is simply impossible.

Instead of a futile attempt at covering everything, then, we’ve come up with the DJBooth Report Card: a simple, daily review of five recently-released records, using an A (incredible) to F (make it stop) letter grade system.

Along with a grade, each song will be accompanied by a brief sentence or two. Report Card isn't meant to be a deep dive nor profound analysis, but a daily appetizer for music scavengers seeking great recommendations and the newest, most notable songs to either bump or avoid.

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G-Worthy (G Perico, Jay Worthy & Cardo) — "Never Miss" 

G Perico, Jay Worthy and Cardo together is like seeing a slick-talking pimp cruising the LA streets in a candy-coated Caddie. "Never Miss" is as smooth as the Chinese silk emperors sleep upon and so West Coast that Eazy E would salute. A pleasant throwback to the days of early DJ Quik and Suga Free. G-Worthy doesn’t miss with “Never Miss.” (B)

Derin Falana — "Let Me Talk My Shit"

Sincerity was Drake’s secret weapon when he entered the industry. I hear that same sincerity in fellow Toronto native Derin Falana. The kid can rap, the bars are there, but the candor is what makes his shit-talking glitter like gold. With a loop this soulful and jaunty he could’ve mumbled obscenities and it would still sound pleasant. (B)

Gucci Mane — "Curve" ft. The Weeknd

The Weeknd has mastered the singing-rap flow, it always sounds good, but how boring would Street Fighter be if Ryu could only use the Hadoken? Diversify your flows! Gucci sounds good, enjoying how much fun he seems to be having. Production by our good friend Nav isn’t bad but I can’t help but think it sounds like Metro with far less Boomin. (C)

Mr Eazi & Major Lazer — "Leg Over (Remix)" ft. French Montana & Ty Dolla $ign

When a song is already stellar it’s difficult to elevate. Mr. Eazi took over the international market with the original “Leg Over,” propelling him as one of Afrobeats' rising stars, so a massive remix makes perfect sense. Sadly, the star-studded features just don’t add much to the original's infectiousness. I’m sure this will be big stateside, but I'm sticking with the OG. (C)

Quavo — "Stars In the Ceiling" 

Quavo has a radiant star quality, brighter than all the Migos' chains combined, but “Stars In the Ceiling” doesn’t contain the undeniable magnetism that makes his features and hooks irresistible. One of the few times in 2017 where Quavo doesn’t strike gold. (C-) 

By Yoh, aka Let Me Talk My Yoh, aka @Yoh31