Syd on Odd Future’s Downfall: "Shit Got Out of Hand When We Started Touring"

"We were kids. Still are."

In support of her newly-released three-song EP, Always Never Home, Syd of The Internet fame conducted a Reddit AMA on Wednesday, entertaining questions about, among other topics, her engineering skills (she started her career as an engineer), her favorite funk musicians (George Duke and Earth, Wind & Fire), the next Internet full-length ("Album is crazy bro!") and the rise and fall of Odd Future.

"We all truly believed that what we were doing was special and important and historic," Syd wrote in response to a Redditor who asked what happened once OF started to become popular. "And that's what kept us in the studio together for all that time before we started touring. At that time it did feel like we were friends, but honestly, more than that, we were a team."

Okay, so what happened? Why did the team break apart?



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"Shit got out of hand when we started touring," Syd continued, adding, "Most of us never had money and had never been on tour, and it was a lot to take in. We were kids. Still are."

While it's unlikely fans will ever hear from Odd Future again as a complete collective, Syd offered a convenient alternative: "What people thought OF was is what The Internet actually is."

There is currently no title or release date for the follow-up to the group's 2015 GRAMMY-nominated album Ego Death.



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