Curren$y Calls Out Rappers Who Perform “Already Recorded Jams”

"It's a check so get paid everybody, but man... people came to see a show."

Over the past 10 years, hip-hop has undergone a lot of change. The lyrics (or lack thereof), the production, the performances—it's all different. Of course, this isn't exactly breaking news, but when a respected, veteran emcee shares his thoughts on the way artists are now approaching their concerts, ears tend to perk up.

On Monday morning, in a series of six tweets, Curren$y shared his thoughts on rappers who lazily perform their material over "already recorded jams."

Curren$y wisely doesn't name names, but you don't have to hack into the dark web to find an example of an artist essentially lip-syncing over their entire record. Earlier this month, during her performance at JAY-Z's Made in America Festival, Cardi B shimmed and rapped over her own vocal track during the performance of her breakout hit, "Bodak Yellow." It was, in a word, disappointing. 



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For many concertgoers, going to a hip-hop show—or a concert or festival of any kind—has become more about saying you were there and showing the world on social media, but with the cost for tickets to premium tours and festivals on the rise, fans will (and should) expect more. It's hard to justify spending hard-earned money to see your favorite artist perform when the end result is a lip sync and ad lib fest for 45 minutes. 

"They wanna hear u and really live some live shit," Curren$y tweeted.




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