KYLE Acknowledges Social Media Gave Him a Career

For many, social media is everything when it comes to building a fanbase.

It's been quite a year for Ventura, California rapper-singer KYLE, who over the past nine-and-a-half months has earned a 3x Platinum, top 10 single ("iSpy") and was named a XXL Freshman.

According to the 24-year-old, though, none of that success would be possible without social media.

"Without social media, I wouldn't be here," KYLE told HNHH. "My music would have never reached the people it has reached. Most people don't know, but I started gaining a following in, like, 2011. My name was K.I.D. I'm from the YouTube era of rap... YouTube was solely responsible for getting me my fan base that, up until last year, was the only thing holding me up."

While KYLE is far from the first artist to openly acknowledge the role social media has played in his success—in June, Big Boi discussed how social media indeed has changed the rap game—he hasn't yet joined the growing number of artists who have threatened to escape the same world that built him up.

During the creation of A.A.B.A., Joey Bada$$ openly wondered if he should quit social media to focus on music and just last week, Atlantic Records buzzmaker Joyner Lucas lambasted the negative culture on social media, admitting that it has been "fucking up his entire mood."

To date, KYLE has accumulated slightly more than one million total followers across Instagram (630k), Twitter (290k) and Facebook (81k). To ensure each and every one of them continues to be of assistance to his career, KYLE must carefully balance his interactions with fans who support his music with the time he spends reading the criticism and hatred that is directed at his craft. 

Good luck, KYLE.


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