Lil B on Domestic Abuse: "Females Get Beat To"

Here we go again.

Lil B has made a name for himself on social media by trolling his followers and sharing a wide range of popular and unpopular opinions, a behavior he once again exhibited early Thursday morning when he went on a multi-tweet diatribe about gender equality (good) and approved domestic abuse (very bad).

Minutes after tweeting about working with Chicago rapper and known domestic abuser Famous Dex, Lil B wrote the following:

In a series of subsequent tweets sent out over the next 11 hours, the Based God suggested that women are often stronger than men and American history has led us to believe otherwise, and "public perception" is the only thing that kept him from swinging on two girls who, he says, "knocked me out cold."

Given all the conversation that has surrounded sexual assault and domestic violence in hip-hop over the past nine months, from XXXTentacion and Kodak Black to Lil Pump and R. Kelly, at best Lil B's tweets come across as tone-deaf and ignorant; at worst, they are trolling for the sake of social media impressions, a dangerous action for any artist to take when a good majority of their following is young and impressionable.

Of course, if someone—male or female—is punching you in the face, it would probably be best to defend yourself. However, making the claim that, "A frail white woman in San Francisco or Oakland can beat up a huge scary black guy," isn't justification for a man ever putting his hands on a female, especially in an unprovoked situation.

Lil B, who just last month offered free verses to Houston artists affected by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey, is way too smart to make postulations so dumb.