Gucci Mane Plotting Indie Move in 2018, God Help Us All

Do we really need MORE music from Gucci than we're getting now?

On October 17, Gucci Mane will release his new album, Mr. Davis, but the veteran rapper already has his eyes on 2018. 

"2018 I'm going 100 percent independent," Gucci wrote on Twitter Friday morning, "and dropping a mixtape every other day."

A mixtape every other day? God help us all.

Since being released from prison in 2016, Gucci Mane has released an astounding amount of new music, including two full-length albums (Everybody LookingThe Return of East Atlanta Santa), two mixtapes (Woptober, Droptopwop with Metro Boomin) and four EPs (GucTiggy with Zaytoven, Free Bricks 2K16 (Zone 6 Edition) with Future, 1017 vs. The World with Lil Uzi Vert, 3 for Free).

While Gucci's release strategy has always been to flood the market, being signed to a major (Atlantic) means that every commercial release—for stream or for sale—must be approved by the label brass. If Gucci is able to exit his major label deal, or if by releasing Mr. Davis he completes the terms of his agreement for the number of projects owed to the label, he essentially becomes his own yes man and the final word on all music releases.

For fans of Gucci's mostly-disposable material who appreciate his churn and burn work ethic, this is exciting news. For everyone else, start making arrangements now. The flood is coming.