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Report Card: Rapsody Is Divine, Young Thug Is Wonderfully Eccentric, Wu-Tang Back?

And A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie doesn’t make much noise.
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There is simply too much music and not enough hours.

Attempting to cover every notable and great album is difficult enough, but reviewing every notable and great song is simply impossible.

Instead of a futile attempt at covering everything, then, we’ve come up with the DJBooth Report Card: a simple, daily review of five recently-released records, using an A (incredible) to F (make it stop) letter grade system.

Along with a grade, each song will be accompanied by a brief sentence or two. Report Card isn't meant to be a deep dive nor profound analysis, but a daily appetizer for music scavengers seeking great recommendations and the newest, most notable songs to either bump or avoid.

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Rapsody — "Power" ft. Kendrick Lamar & Lance Skiiiwalker 

Divine rap, upper-echelon hip-hop. This is bar-setting lyricism from two of hip-hop’s best. I can’t stress enough how Lance’s contribution adds a necessary layer of soul between the barfest. “Power” deserves our first “A” rating simply because it’s the best rap single I’ve heard all month. A hip-hop blessing and still not the best song on Rapsody’s new album. (A)

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Young Thug & Carnage (Young Martha) — "Liger" 

The allure of Young Thug is strongest when he’s at his most unorthodox and eccentric. which is where we find him on “Liger.” Here, Thug is performing bizarre yet awing lyrical acrobatics over a Carnage beat that sounds like a wonky carnival on some undiscovered planet. Few rappers can do what Thug can accomplish vocally. The king of the oddities continues to package his weirdness with undeniable excellence. (B+)

Wu-Tang — "Lesson Learn'd" ft. Inspektah Deck and Redman

Producer Mathematics made sure listeners felt like they were walking through a moonless night when he made the beat for “Lesson Learn’d.” It’s dark yet minimal, the perfect board for lyrical darts to be thrown. Inspektah Deck and Redman serve as a nice throwback to the good ol' days when Wu-Tang reigned. Martin Shkreli gets a reference, but Redman’s “So much bud I started sweating cigar guts” is the bar that should make headlines for being hilariously absurd. (C+)

Tory Lanez — "Shooters" 

I love the triumphant trumpets, they're big and boisterous. Sadly, Tory doesn’t sound as immense and colossal as his production. The hook is good, but both verses fail to, as the kids say, snatch any wigs. I'd rather listen to “Outlet” by Desiigner. (C)

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie — "Say A’" 

“Say A’” doesn’t make much noise, it’s rather soft with bright keys and malnourished drum kicks. Sonically, it sounds sunny, like an easy-going afternoon, with Boogie in delivering his lines in a stream-of-consciousness manner. Far more fun than not, Boogie has a knack for making this type of record. (C)

By Yoh, aka Yoh Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, aka @Yoh31