A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Dreamed of Being Signed by JAY-Z But He Never Called

"Diddy reached out, Khaled reached out, a lot of people reached out as a matter of fact."

This Friday, September 29, New York rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie will release his debut, The Bigger Artist, through Highbridge The Label and Atlantic Records. While the 21-year-old is undoubtedly excited about his forthcoming album drop, he's still disappointed JAY-Z never called to sign him to Roc Nation.

"Diddy reached out, Khaled reached out, a lot of people reached out as a matter of fact. I think the only person that hasn't reached out to try to sign me, when everybody was looking to sign me, was probably JAY-Z," A Boogie told MONTREALITY. "I ain't feel no type of way, but I felt like damn because I always dreamt about—is that a word? dreamt?—I always dreamed about something like that. That was just one of my goals. But after a while, I had to wake up and realize, 'Damn, I could become bigger than that, feel me.'"



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It will take a long time—if ever—for A Boogie to reach JAY-Z status, but not being given the chance to sign a record deal with Hov isn't such a bad thing.

Though Atlantic doesn't have the greatest track record among hip-hop artists (see Lupe Fiasco, Saigon, Action Bronson), the label, as of May 2017, is No. 1 in market share, among the big three (Universal, Sony and Warner). If Atlantic can give A Boogie's new music the same push it provided labelmate Cardi B, whose hit single "Bodak Yellow" just reached No. 1 on the latest Billboard Hot 100 chart, the rapper's longtime goal of inking a record deal with JAY-Z will be nothing more than a footnote in his career.


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