Stop Trying to Please Everyone—Be More Like Metro Boomin

If only everyone just trusted Metro.

Hitmaking producer Metro Boomin has experienced a tremendous amount of success during his meteoric rise the past four years, but that doesn't mean there haven't been struggles along the way.

"Pleasing everybody [is the biggest struggle] because it's impossible," Metro told Power 106 Los Angeles in a new sit-down interview. "Can't please everybody. Everybody acts like you're supposed to please them. Never stress on that cause you're going to stress yourself out and then you're going to be stressed and the one unpleased just trying to please everyone else."

Following Metro's advice might seem easy, but for most creative types, it's rather difficult. Artists and producers often experience a tug-of-war with their fanbase, their label, and their creative team and management. While fans might expect or desire one particular sound or approach, an A&R or a manager might believe a different route could be more fruitful. When these differing opinions collide, ultimately, someone is bound to be disappointed—oftentimes, the artist.

"A lot of blessings come with this [life], but then you lose a lot of relationships, a lot of friends. It's kinda like an exchange, we just work through it," Metro added.

If only everyone just trusted Metro.