"It's Not the Right Time": Three 6 Mafia Have Turned Down $500k Reunion Show Offers

Don't hold your breath for a Three 6 Mafia reunion tour.

The odds that OutKast delivers a brand new studio album anytime in the near future are slim to none, but Big Boi and André at least got together in 2014 for a reunion tour. As for Juicy J and DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia? Don't hold your breath. 

In a new interview with DJ Vlad, Paul revealed that the pair has turned down sizable offers for one-off reunion shows. 

"We get offers every day to do it," Paul told Vlad. "Half a million. Just for me and Juicy."

Given the importance of being able to generate revenue through shows and merchandise in 2017, why would Juicy and Paul turn down such a lucrative offer?

"We want to do it when the time is right," Paul continued. "If we do it, we want to do it when the time is right." 

In addition to time, Paul explained that the location of a potential show, as well as the venue, will play a critical role in the decision-making process. 

Paul also confirmed to Vlad that, while he and Juicy J haven't worked together since 2010 (two years after their last studio album, Last 2 Walk), the two still speak on a regular basis.