Future Is the Most-Watched Rapper & It's Made Him a Lot of Money

It's difficult for most artists to make a living strictly off music revenue, but Future isn't most artists.

It's really difficult these days for most artists to make a living strictly off music revenue (streaming, digital downloads and physical sales), but Future isn't most artists.

According to Forbes, from June 2016 to June 2017, Future earned $23 million, of which only 30% ($6.9M) is attributed to his roughly 70 live shows. The rest? On-demand streaming and video revenue. 

During the magazine's 12-month scoring period, the ATL native racked up a whopping 1.2 billion (!) on-demand video streams—more than any other rapper—and an additional 2.8 billion (!!) on-demand audio streams, which is second only to Drake and his 6.8 billion plays.



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It's likely Drake would have also bested Future in the on-demand video stream department as well, but unlike his What a Time To Be Alive collaborator, who released nine official videos through his YouTube channel, Drake didn't release a single video on YouTube during the scoring period. Between the 20 tracks on 2016's Views and the 22 tracks on 2017's project playlist More Life, only "Childs Play" and non-album single "Sneakin'" received video treatments. 

As for Future, it appears his two albums in two weeks strategy paid off. You know, in case that wasn't already obvious by the 21 Platinum or Gold plaques he's scored from the RIAA since January 1, 2017.



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