Masego Defines the Moment He "Made It" in Music

Ask 10 artists to define their "made it" moment and you'll likely get 10 different answers.

If you ask 10 artists to define their "made it" moment in music, you'll likely get 10 different answers.

For some, it's going viral on social media or being interviewed for a legacy magazine, like Rolling Stone, while others might have slightly higher expectations for their mountaintop mission, such as signing a record deal with a major label or winning an award on broadcast television. 

For Masego, a 23-year-old from Virginia who is pioneering a unique brand of "trap house jazz," his "made it" moment came when he was finally able to make a living off his music.



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“I looked how much my rent cost and I found how much Spotify paid me—I was like, I’m good,” he told Ural Garrett in a newly-published piece for LA Weekly. “The moment you’re not worried about adult problems and you get to just make music, then I’ve made it to some extent.”

Masego, born Micah Davis, is young, so little does he know that "adult problems" never go away and only grow over time. However, to be able to focus on only making music, knowing that your efforts will produce enough income to support your career, has to be an amazing feeling. Signing endorsement deals with 1800 Tequila and JBL certainly doesn't hurt, either.

After releasing a lot of material over the past two years, including work with Brasstracks, GoldLink, and SiR, among others, Masego has been relatively quiet in 2017, only delivering a pair of one-off singles ("Navajo" and "Feelin'"), but he knows his time is now.

"Somewhere between cockiness and confidence," he recently tweeted.

Deservingly so, he's made it.



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