Bryson Tiller Became a "Real Fan" of JAY-Z When He Heard..."Clique"

It doesn't matter that Tiller arrived at the party late, only that he eventually showed up.

In a new interview with GQ, R&B star Bryson Tiller talked about his desire to be mentored by JAY-Z, and as it turns out, he just started listening to his work a few years ago.

"I just really got into JAY-Z," he told writer Brennan Carley. "The JAY-Z verse that made me become a real fan was that verse on 'Clique' with Kanye and Big Sean. That verse made me like, 'Wow. JAY-Z is amazing.' Then I started telling all my friends, 'Yo, you listen to JAY-Z?' They were like, 'Of course.'"



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Bryson is currently 24 and "Clique" was released in 2012, which means the Kentucky native's first "Holy shit, JAY-Z is really, really good at this whole rapping thing" moment didn't occur until he was 19. By that time, Jay had released every album in his discography except for Magna Carta... Holy Grail (2013) and 4:44 (2017).

Remember when the entire internet shit on Lil Yachty because he couldn't name five songs by 2Pac or Biggie? This isn't that.

Today, thanks to the advent of on-demand streaming, nearly every song from nearly every artist is available at the click of a button on a smartphone, but there was once a time when not everyone had access to or the means to listen to new music that wasn't played on the radio.

Tiller doesn't say he never listened to or couldn't name a JAY-Z record prior to 2012, but rather, he became a "real" fan of Jay's work when he heard "Clique."

It doesn't matter that Tiller arrived at the party late, only that he eventually showed up. 



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