Joe Budden on Infamous Migos Interview: "Three Young Men Gave Me Their Ass to Kiss"

"I was behind the scenes saying, 'Why are we talking to these people?'"

Joe Budden isn't the most likable person, but that's also what makes his unfiltered opinion on music and pop culture on Twitter and Everyday Struggle, his daily video show on Complex, so entertaining.

Tonight, Budden will be a guest on VICELAND's The Therapist, a program that, true its title, features musicians sitting down for therapy sessions with Dr. Siri Sat Sam Singh.

In anticipation of the episode, VICE has released a one-minute preview, during which Budden is asked about his infamous altercation with Migos during their interview on the red carpet at this past June's BET Awards in Los Angeles.

"I'm not going to sit there and while three young men give me their ass to kiss," Budden said. "It was a false sense of entitlement from these three gentlemen. While my novice co-host and moderator will sit through it, I will not. I was behind the scenes saying, 'Why are we talking to these people?'" 

Shortly after the incident took place, Budden used his podcast to explain what happened, echoing many of the same sentiments he is seen sharing with Dr. Siri Sat Sam Singh. 

In a world where rap writers, bloggers, vloggers and social media personalities would rather be friends with artists than dare criticize their music or attitude, the approach of "Media Joe" is quite refreshing. Unlike youngins in the industry who are consumed by gaining access to events and concerts and private shindigs, Budden doesn't need or desire these perks. He's 37. He's rich. Fake nice isn't a page in his playbook.