PARTYNEXTDOOR Hates the Word "Vibe." We Don't Blame Him

If everything is a vibe, doesn't that also mean nothing is a vibe?

In support of his newly-released Seven Days EP, PARTYNEXTDOOR recently joined Zane Lowe for an interview on Apple Music station Beats 1, revealing that he isn't a fan of the culture's go-to word choice to describe a mood. 

"One thing about me, I hate the word 'vibe.' I hate the word 'vibe.' Everyone knows it in the studio," PND told Lowe after the host incorrectly used the word.

Surprised, Lowe asks the 24-year-old OVO signee why he isn't a fan of the word "vibe," to which he replies, "Because everything's a vibe. Everyone calls everything, 'Oh, it's a vibe.'"

While I don't agree with every position PND has taken in recent months, I'm with him here 100%. By definition, the word "vibe" means "a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others," so, technically, that means that everything, including every record ever created, is literally a vibe.

But if everything is a vibe, doesn't that also mean nothing is a vibe? This is one of those rare instances where there aren't any levels to this shit. There's no such thing as a kinda-sorta vibe. 

Ironically, PND's brand of alternative R&B is often labeled as "a vibe," which could explain why a lot of his newer material is more accessible and radio-friendly.

In lieu of using the word "vibe" to categorize a particular sound or approach, PND offered a simple, common sense alternative: "Music."