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The Key to Longevity in Music, According to Future

The ATL superstar gives up the key to not burning out as an artist.

In his review of Future's 2012 debut, Pluto, AllMusic writer David Jeffries wrote that the now 33-year-old superstar had a "narrow style" and delivered "Cudi-meets-Khalifa flavor."

Five years, five albums and countless mixtapes later, Future, who never sounded like Cudi-meets-Khalifa, is one of the most successful artists not just in hip-hop but in music, period, specifically because of his dedication to developing that "narrow style" into an approach that is wholly unique to himself.

"Being yourself [musically] is the most important thing because if you think your shit ain’t working and stop trying and then somebody else tries it and it starts working for them, you’re going to be mad," Future toldHighSnobiety in the newest issue of their magazine. "Some people try to be everybody, so that’s why they burn out. There’s longevity in being yourself and not trying to be 10 other people."



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On numerous occasions over the past few months, we've written about the difference between the approach of a "career artist" versus a "moment artist," but really, it all boils down to talent. If an artist believes in their talent—whether as a singer, a rapper, a producer or some combination of all three—there is little pressure to step outside their comfort zone. 

Just be yourself—it worked for Future.



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