Russ Defends "Fanning the Fuck Out" After Meeting "His Idol" J. Cole

"Look at how people try and play the legends. Why?"

Say what you want about Russ—"He's too cocky," "He's arrogant," "He tweets too much."—but nobody in hip-hop, save for maybe Mos Def or Vince Staples, is giving a better interview these days. Whereas most interviews with rap artists are a complete and utter joke, Russ refuses to be anything but his complete and truthful self. No filter, no holds barred.

Case in point: on Wednesday, MONTREALITY released their interview with the 25-year-old Jersey native, who took music fans to task over the lack of respect that is shown for hip-hop's living legends and defended "fanning the fuck out" when you meet an artist you consider legendary.

"If you look at the trend of hip-hop, look at how motherfuckers try and play Lil Wayne," Russ said. "Look how people try and play DMX. Look at how people try and play the legends. Why? Because they lived long enough for you to not fuck with them. And that's a reality. Sometimes it's better to burn out than fade away."

Man, if that isn't the truth, I don't know what is. Lil Wayne and DMX are two of the most successful artists of all-time—not just in rap, but period—and yet, the only headlines that interest fans of Weezy and X in 2017 revolve around their legal and health battles.

And you know how we know? Last summer, when Yoh wrote, "A Tribute to Lil Wayne, Hip-Hop’s Living Legend," many of our readers criticized our decision to publish the article because... Wayne is still breathing. Nobody should have to wait until their favorite artist is gone to lob roses at their feet, a sentiment Russ shares with our writing staff.

"I gotta wait for them to die and for all of Twitter to say R.I.P before I start reflecting on legends? Nah, and that's why I be fanning the fuck out when I meet people that I fuck with," Russ added. "I fanned the fuck out when I met J. Cole. There was a comment like, 'Yo, why it look like Russ look like a fan that just met his idol?' Because that's what the fuck it was. What's the matter with you?"

Russ isn't the only artist to get geeked after meeting J. Cole, either. Earlier this year, Logic shared the incredible true story behind a conversation that he had with J. Cole prior to their work together on his latest album.

So, in review: fan the fuck out is cool, pay your respects and show love to hip-hop's legendary figures. You never know when it will be too late.