Holy Shit This Guy Turned Kendrick Lamar Hits Into Country Songs


Have you ever wondered what the biggest records in Kendrick Lamar's catalog would sound like as country songs featuring a fiddle, banjo and harmonica instead of production from Mike WiLL Made-It, Sounwave and Cardo?

If the answer to that question is a resounding no, you're welcome to click out of this article at once, and we wouldn't necessarily blame you. However, if the answer is yes—or you're just bored and wouldn't mind watching a guy in a cowboy hat belt out country Kendrick renditions with a Guitar Hero guitar—then cancel your plans and keep reading. 

Earlier this week, Nashville rapper FYUTCH, a self-proclaimed "master of space and time" who moonlights as a YouTuber, released episode 12 of his comedy series Fyütchology, entitled "Country Kendrick." 

Sure, we've all heard Kendrick deliver "County Building Blues," but what about under hits like "DAMN.," "ELEMENT." and "Swimming Pools"?

Holy shit, that was incredible...

Now, to be clear, there are two very different types of "incredible" when it comes to describing music. There is the "I knew he was capable of doing that, man that was impressive" type of incredible and the "I never saw that coming and didn't expect to enjoy that as much as I did and I sort of feel guilty for enjoying that as much as I did" type of incredible. As you could probably guess, FYUTCH's hillbilly take on Kendrick's music falls into the latter. 

I'm not sure if FYUTCH is planning to turn any other rapper's greatest works into country tunes, but if so, I'd like to request Fetty Wap, Travis Scott and Tyga.