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Method Man Sold Drugs Between Questions During Wu-Tang Clan’s First Interview

"In between questions, I had to go make sales... I gotta eat that night."

For the past 23 years, Method Man has been cashing checks from his work in the worlds of music and film, but once upon a time in the real world, the Hempstead, Long Island native born Clifford Smith made his money by selling drugs.

Now 46, the Wu-Tang Clan MC is more than two decades removed from having to lean on his pre-music career income source, but in a new interview with Desus & Mero, Meth revealed that even after the group formed, released their debut album, and landed their first interview in The Source, he was still moving product in order to put food on the table.

"That was stressful every freaking day," Method Man said. "Even our first interview that we did. I think it was for The Source, like a little piece in The Source, in between questions, I had to go make sales... I gotta eat that night."



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While Method Man stories are often outstanding—my personal favorite is the time he borrowed a dollar from former DJBooth managing editor Nathan S to purchase an Arizona Iced Tea at a Boston-area Dominos—this particular storyline isn't uncommon. Many a rap legend, from JAY-Z to Pusha T, either sold drugs prior to their rap career taking off or used the profits from their street job to fund their passion.

This behavior isn't exclusive to the early '90s, either. Atlanta rapper Ralo recently turned millions in sales into a career in rap. 



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