Producer of Post Malone’s “rockstar” Knows He’ll Only Be as Successful as His Next Hit

"It's all about what you do next."

Post Malone's hit single "rockstar" is currently No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, No. 1 on Spotify's Global chart and No. 1 on iTunes Top Rap and Hip-Hop Songs chart, but the song's producer, Tank God, knows that none of that means a damn thing if he isn't able to follow-up on the song's success

"It really makes you want more but it's all about what you do next," said Tank God, who was featured last week in the Genius series Deconstructed. "It's funny how I never thought I would feel that way. But you have to. It's all about longevity, it's not about one and done. Never that."'

Tank God, a biology major at the University of Hartford in Connecticut, crafted the "rockstar" beat this past December during his finals week, which he then placed with Post after a chance encounter with the Republic Records superstar at a New York recording studio. 

With the rapid pace at which we all consume music, a new song is often considered "old" just hours after it's made available online. While some artists are lucky to get a few days or a few weeks, it's very difficult to break through the noise in 2017, especially when hundreds of thousands of songs are released every month across paid for and free on-demand streaming services.

Tank God might be young, with only one major placement in his back pocket, but his commentary indicates an understanding that breaking through once isn't the equivalent of reaching the mountaintop—it's just a blueprint for return visits.

Now, the real work begins.